Constellation Studios is a live sound and post-production audio company that is all about the love of sound. Constellation Studios is more than just a place. More than just a building. A constellation by definition is "a group or configuration of ideas, feelings, characteristics, objects, etc., that are related in some way". This is Constellation Studios at it's heart. Whatever your project, whatever your need, Constellation strives to offer you with the tools, talent, and time you need.

Boil it down and Constellation is about capturing your creativity and making it be as good as it can be. We believe in capturing your talent at the highest fidelity possible, and doing so in a creative & inviting atmosphere. We always strive for a fun, friendly, and distraction free process. 

Constellation is also a networking based studio. It has been said in the audio world that it's all about who you know. This means if you need something, we can help you get it - whether that be gear, talent, or ideas. Our goal isn't to have everything, do everything, or know everything, but rather build a team of talents and ideas to help your project succeed. 

Kevin Butler | Engineer | Owner

Kevin Butler | Engineer | Owner

Constellation Studios is owned and operated by Kevin Butler (pictured left). Kevin is an audio engineer who has worked on a wide variety of studio and live sound projects over the last 6 years. During the last 5 of those years, Kevin has spent his day-time hours working for poindexter's A/V in Bozeman, Montana. Through this opportunity he has gained experience in system design and installation, acoustic design, and system tuning and optimization. Kevin has been running live sound around Bozeman and elsewhere (including a 2-week tour in Australia) for various concerts, corporate events, and churches.

Since 2011 Kevin has been developing a recording and mixing experience within his new residential home. Notice it's not called a home studio. Constellation is more than a home studio. It's not some dark basement with some studio monitors crammed in a corner. The tracking room is a spacious and acoustically treated room with a vaulted ceiling. The control room is a separate room, also acoustically treated, with state-of-the-art digital recording equipment, studio monitors, and powerful Mac editing workstation. 

Whether you're looking for turn key music recording/mixing, post-production editing, high quality live sound, or consulting for your project/space, Constellation Studios can help you make it a reality.