Audio Industry Magazines That Are FREE!

I learned how to do recording, editing, live sound, etc through the school of hard knocks. I liked music, I was good with technology, and I got tossed in the deep end. One of the most valuable tools I've come to love over the years are articles. I'll pick up a magazine with a band on the cover just to look at the picture to try and glean a trick or two from the out of focus drum kit in the back of the picture. I've found a number of free or really inexpensive sources that will afford you the same opportunity, and I'd like to share them with you!


1. Tape Op 

I found this gem a little over a year ago. I seem to either be drawn to the british style, or maybe they're just the only ones putting out good content? Either way, Tape Op is caulk full of interviews with engineers, producers, musicians, owners, writers, etc etc. Their goal is to share the industry. Share the experiences that got them where they are now. On top of that, and my personal favorite, Tape Op is FULL of gear and gear reviews. Tape Op remains a free print subscription because of all of the advertisements in each issue. I personally love this because I get to see and learn about all kinds of goodies. My G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) also loves it. So, check out Tape Op. It's free, what have you got to loose? Click here to subscribe! They also have an iPad version but each issues costs a few dollars.

2. Mix Magazine

Early on in my dabblings with audio I heard Mix was the devil. It was full of the snobs of the industry promoting the snobs of the industry. After getting Tape Op for a few months I got an email about getting Mix for free. I said what the heck, free is free. So I started getting it. Sure it isn't as "grass roots" as Tape Op, but it still has great news and reviews from the recording industry. Any information is good information, you just have to sometime discern what's useful to you. Along with the physical subscription are weekly emails with links to articles surrounding the audio industry. I don't always read the articles but the links are a good source for news! Exactly how to get the free subscription I'm not sure, but click here and see if that gets you down the right path. They say it's for "qualified" residents so be convincing that you're in the industry. 

3. Pro Audio Review

By the title I knew I'd love this magazine. Come to find that it's also free! Pro Sound Review is yet another great tool for aspiring (and seasoned) audio engineers. It is full of reviews on gear. Anything from plugins to vintage hardware to microphones. They also have a plethora of advertisements so you can keep up with all of the sexy new gear coming out. If you're looking for a tool to help you understand all the products the audio industry has, Pro Audio Review is for you! Click here to subscribe today!

4. Sound On Sound

My all time favorite audio resource is Sound On Sound. When I first started taking my craft seriously I poured over hundreds of articles on Sound On Sound. Based out of the UK, this pinnacle of the audio industry has inspired and educated engineers across the globe. Their article archives and gear reviews are enough to keep you busy for months!  Click here to subscribe. Their online version is a great deal and you can dig your way through their archives. My favorite thing to do is print each article to PDF (print> save as PDF on the mac) so I can keep going back even after the subscription is over!

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