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Logic Pro X Review - A Mix Engineer's Perspective

The day has finally come.

For over four years the music industry has been eagerly awaiting the release of the next major version of Apple's pro audio editing platform - Logic Pro. The curtain has finally been pulled back and Logic Pro X is finally in our hands. I'm sure as the weeks and months progress there will be plenty of reviews, critiques, praises, and complaints about the new software. I'd like to add my small voice to the chorus and give an in-depth look at Logic Pro X from a mix engineer's perspective. With that in mind, let's dive in...

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Audio Industry Magazines That Are FREE!

I learned how to do recording, editing, live sound, etc through the school of hard knocks. I liked music, I was good with technology, and I got tossed in the deep end. One of the most valuable tools I've come to love over the years are articles. I'll pick up a magazine with a band on the cover just to look at the picture to try and glean a trick or two from the out of focus drum kit in the back of the picture. I've found a number of free or really inexpensive sources that will afford you the same opportunity, and I'd like to share them with you!

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The Stream


The idea behind The Stream came from observing all of the amazing content surrounding today's massive studio, live, and post production audio world. The goal is to share interesting, educational, and, of course, fun audio information. Some times it will be original postings, but sometimes it'll just be links to interesting tid bits we find while exploring the interwebs.

If you have come across interesting articles please email them to us!

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