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Constellation offers full recording studio services including tracking, mix-down, and basic mastering. From solo musicians to full-on rock bands, Constellation's large tracking room can accommodate any of your needs. Rates are determined based on the complexity of what is needed. We feel strict hourly rates can put pressure on creativity, so we remove this by coming up with per-song and/or per-project prices. Please contact us to start a conversation about your project.


Constellation was born out of the live audio world - back in the days when you had only a fraction of the gear you needed but seemed to make it work anyway. We offer a wide variety of services from sound system setup and tuning, live sound reinforcement, and live audio recording. We've worked with most systems out there, and we're able to get you exactly what you need to make your event shine. Rates for live sound vary widely depending on time and equipment needs. Please contact us to start a conversation about your event.


The offerings of Constellation would not be complete without touching the massive world of film and video. Constellation offers a variety of post-production audio editing, mixing, and fixing services to make your piece shine like it was meant to. Please contact us about how we can partner with your project


Audio can be a confusing world full of a wide spectrum of opinions. Constellation offers consulting for your venue, home, or event to help sift through the confusion. Whether you're designing a new system or looking to do some strategic updates, we can help you get the most for your money. Please contact us about your space.